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And now, for something completely different: Hiii-yah!

For my new experience this week, I decided to kick things into high gear by taking my very first martial arts class. This goal of ... Read more

Code doesn’t require public restrooms in older downtown businesses

          The City of Elizabethton is considering expanding the downtown business district. There are a variety of stores and shopping opportunities ... Read more

Ongoing quest to shake the routine turns into really shaking up the routine

Zumba seems to be a recent dance craze that has swept the nation off its feet and is shaking up workout routines (pun intended). So ... Read more

Cage-rattlers, a lifelong career … and a dog named Dinky

Cage-rattlers, a lifelong career … and a dog named Dinky

The past year has been an amazing one for so many reasons. Coming to the Elizabethton Star as publisher has been a wonderful experience and ... Read more

Bob Robinson: No hanging chads here

One thing is certain about the outcome of the write in balloting in the Aug. 7 General and State Primary Election in Carter County. Hanging ... Read more

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