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Flag controversy diverts attention from real problems

Flag controversy diverts attention from real problems

Why all the fuss over the Confederate flag and memorials? There’s more to this than meets the eye. Last week, Tenn. Gov. Bill Haslam and ... Read more

Ruling is controversial, but individual rights will prevail

Like the rest of the country, Tennessee residents have mixed reactions to the Supreme Court ruling that guaranteed same-sex couples throughout the nation the freedom ... Read more

Elizabethton Twins: Baseball at its best

Elizabethton Twins: Baseball at its best

Summer is officially here and for Elizabethton that means it’s baseball time. For fans of the Elizabethton Twins, the next couple of months will be ... Read more

Shelter deserves support, pets deserve home

Running an animal shelter is a hard, professional task. Dogs and cats can’t just be left unchecked in kennels that are then allowed to degrade.  ... Read more

Celebrate Elizabethton’s Covered Bridge this week

Just as sure as June appears on the calendar each year, so does the annual Covered Bridge Celebration, which begins tonight. There will be music ... Read more

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