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Familiar faces win constable nominations

In the Carter County constables race, many of the faces returning to patrol the county’s neighborhoods will be familiar ones.
A majority of the available slots for constables were filled by incumbent candidates. Two candidates were selected from each of the eight districts.
In the first district, constables will be Landon Pritchard with 59.89 percent of the vote with 1411 votes. Larry Perry was second with 39.64 percent with 934 votes. There were 11 write-in candidates. Pritchard and Perry are both incumbents.
In the second district, Leonard Johnson, an incumbent, won first with 50.97 percent of the vote with 790 votes. Barney Brown, also an incumbent, came in next with 47.61 percent with 738 votes. There were 22 write-in votes.
In the third district, incumbent Scott Whaley came in first with 30.44 percent with 467 votes and James Bowers was second with 26.79 percent with 411 votes. Other candidates were Scotty Hall with 23.6 percent with 362 votes and Jerry Miller with 19.1 percent with 293 votes. There was one write-in candidate.
In the fourth district, both winners are current constables. Tim Lyons came in first with 50.83 percent with 859 votes. Harvey Shaffer was second with 48.99 percent with 828 votes. There was three write-in votes.
In district five, both winners again with incumbents. Mark Carrier came in first with 50.75 percent with 472 votes. Larry Presnell Jr. was second with 48.71 percent with 453 votes. There were five write-in votes.
In district six, incumbent John Henson was first with 38.64 percent with 733 votes. Bobby Trivette was second with 38.59 percent with 732 votes. The other candidate was Joseph Hatley, who had 22.4 percent with 425 votes. There were seven write-in candidates.
In district seven, Mark Watson was first with 49.92 percent with 614 votes. Seth Babb had 49.84 percent with 613 votes. There were three write-in votes.
In district eight, current constable Robert Carroll led with 59.72 percent with 685 votes. Brian Kenner was second with 39.76 percent with 456 votes. There were six write-in votes.