Writer: We must learn to live together

Published 8:54 am Monday, August 28, 2017

To the editor :
Liberals and the major media are unfairly trying to blame and demonize President Trump specifically and his supporters in general for violence in Charlottesville, Va., that left a woman dead and many injured. However, anti-fascists on the left are silent about the actual fascists and Nazis they support. Obama thought he had an ally in Ukraine after helping the Neo-Nazis thugs to topple their legitimate government in 2014. It’s coming back to haunt liberals as evidence uncovered shows it’s a Ukrainian manufacturer that helped North Korea achieve rocket success to be able to attack the U.S. mainland. However, North Korea is more likely to cut off all power in America using an EMP attack that would kill millions over time.
President Trump was correct to condemn all violence. Sheriff David Clarke and many others call the Black Lives Matter a hate group. Many in the group are paid protesters. Dr. John McTernan says the liberal Black Lives Matter should be considered a terrorist organization because terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims. The liberal ANTIFA should be called a terrorist organization also. Their website encourages all manner of physical violence against Trump supporters and is known for causing property damage.
A Suffolk poll 11 months ago found that 76 percent of Democrats consider Donald Trump a racist. While I don’t support everything Trump says or does there’s no proof that he is a racist. Trump’s son-in-law is a Jew. The media say because less than one percent of Trump’s supporters are racist then they imply all are and so is Trump.
While the liberals wrongly call Trump an evil racist he has worked to stop America’s greatest evil and greatest violence in our history which is abortion. Abortion has killed over 55 million of which over 15 million were blacks. If the liberals and Black Lives Matter really cared about black lives they would be against abortion which kills a higher percent of blacks than any other race.
Christian lawyer and Pastor John Haller www.fbchapel.com said, “It has been painful to watch the effects of several decades of reprogramming generations of American citizens to believe that just because something offends you it must be eradicated or removed. Yet we are witnessing this very thing. We cannot learn from our history, with both its bright and dark moments, if that history is erased because people have worked themselves into a frenzy claiming to be ‘offended’ by it. Regardless of our persuasions those events are lessons to be learned so that we can remember the mistakes as we strive to become better. In the final evaluation this obsession with the ‘offensive’ is really just a strawman argument designed to recondition weak minds who cannot discern truth from fantasy.”
Trump is rightly concerned that they will also want to remove statues of George Washington because he owned slaves and he must be a racist and our constitution must be a racist document. The truth is George Washington like many of our founders was against slavery but inherited slaves and it was against state law to free your slaves. (Any anti-Trump people offended by the photos of slave masters on their money send it to me and I will dispose of it in the proper manner.) ANTIFA may one day see Christian churches as an offensive “statue” that must come down.
The Bible predicted there would be great violence and people would be easily offended just before the return of Jesus. Violence isn’t the answer. The solution to racism and violence is Jesus who changes people internally, externally and eternally. Call 1-888-need-him. Jesus loves everyone and all lives matter to Jesus. As the late Christian Pastor Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools!”

D.D. Nave

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