HHS students capture honors in state competitions

Published 5:20 pm Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Students from Hampton High School recently took part in state competitions and brought back several championships to the school.

Katie Jenkins attended the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State Conference recently where she captured first place in the Introduction to Business Procedures competition.

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The competition was a two-part event.

“I took a 100 question test online about business procedures,” Jenkins said, adding the test covered everything from meeting etiquette and the use of memos to video conference calls and employee relations.

The second part of the competition had the students attend a business procedures workshop.

“If you didn’t go to the workshop you were disqualified,” Jenkins said. “They gave us a prompt about a business problem and then we had to solve it.”

The students were tasked with developing a human resources plan on how to handle an employee who was experiencing personal family issues that was not only affecting her performance at work but the performance of other employees due to her discussions about the personal problems.

“We decided to allow her to take unpaid leave to handle her personal problems while securing her job for her,” Jenkins said.

Earlier this year, Jenkins captured 1st place in the Introduction to Business Procedures competition at the FBLA Regional Conference. This is her second year competing through FBLA, and she earned a first place award at last year’s FBLA Regional Conference as well.

Students in the SkillsUSA program at Hampton High recently attended the SkillsUSA State Competition and brought home four first place honors.

Landen Street, Zach Story, Trinity Camillo, Houston Brown, and Colton Greenwell won the State Championship for Quiz Bowl.

For the Quiz Bowl competition, the students had to answer a variety of basic academic questions as well as questions on current events.

The competition has two stages: an individual written test and active rounds that pit the teams against each other in head-to-head competition.

Students on the team are scored individually on their written test, and then those scores are averaged to determine the team’s score.

In the active rounds, the teams must buzz in to answer the questions while trying to beat the other teams to the buzzer.

“If you answer a question right you get a point,” said Camillo. “But, if you answer before they recognize you, they deduct a point, and if you answer wrong, you lose a point.”

The team of Zack Oliver and Lilian Street captured the State Championship in Additive Manufacturing.

In this competition, Oliver and Street were tasked with designing a fixture that would hang from a tree to suspend a tire swing. Once the fixture was designed, the students used 3-D printing to create a model of their design.

Oliver said he and Street designed a carabiner that functioned on a sliding lock rather than a spring to hang their tire swing.

Cody Vines captured the State Championship for Architectural Drafting.

For his competition, Vines was tasked with designing a barn-style home while meeting a list of specifications that included total square footage, creating a unique feature of interest, and also a set number and type of rooms to be included in the design.

“We had to do a hand drawing of the roof plan as well,” Vines said.

Harley Hill captured the State Championship in Dental Assisting.

For this contest, the students must demonstrate different skills related to the dental assisting field. Students compete in chair-side assisting, preparation of dental materials, infection control, and emergency, laboratory and office procedures. Skills evaluated may include administrative, clinical or laboratory dental areas.