Thanks to a silent hero in our community

Published 9:44 pm Saturday, April 4, 2020

To the Editor:
I wanted to reach out and share about an individual in our community that gives to people every single day and never stops giving even in this uncertain time.
I’ve known Dustin Baker for many years, and the one thing that he shows daily is his love and compassion for his community and anyone else he can help. Not only has he been a first responder for many hurricane seasons for years to help individuals get back into their homes, churches and businesses as fast as possible, but he also mediates for families in need daily to help resolve issues so these families are heard and cared for in their transition period in very stressful times.
I wanted to share a recent caring and helping hand he gave during this very scary time for so many of us. An individual reached out to him and asked if he could give his time to pick up and deliver groceries to a very deserving individual that has lost so much as many of us have already, and of course he was so happy to do so and did it with a smile, with no regard to any illness around. He was more concerned that these people have their groceries rather than worrying about himself and this virus going around because he is a great man that just wants to be there for so many.
I truly have to say he is a hero in my eyes and to so many others on a daily basis, by putting himself in harm’s way just to make sure a family has what they need in this uncertain time in our community and should be recognized.
There are so many other individuals in our community doing this exact thing to make sure everyone is cared for and as safe as they can be and these people need to be told thank you and that they are appreciated so much for their kind heart. I just felt this should be shared and everyone should do the same to any individual that is acting so bravely and kindly to his or her community at the present time during all the chaos and fear many have.
Thanks to Dustin Baker for having such a caring and kind soul and heart and for serving your community in any way you can.
Aimee Lester

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