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A time to celebrate… Local schools doing their best to give kids end-of-year sendoff

For many, the 2019-2020 school year will be one for the history books in regard to a pandemic, but local schools and their faculty members are also trying to do their best to make sure that their kids have a fun ending to another school year, especially the kindergarten, fifth-grade, and eighth-grade students who will be advancing on to another level starting in the fall of 2020.
While students finished out the school year at home doing packets of work to complete their studies, administrators and their faculty spent time pulling together gift packs, school awards and diplomas and a plan to make it a little more personal with social distancing still in play.
Recently, West Side Elementary, East Side Elementary, and Keenburg Elementary celebrated their students with West Side and Keenburg hosting a parade at their school and East Side took advantage of the State Line Drive-in for their ceremony.
And while raindrops fell on the East Side celebration, it couldn’t dampen the smiles from the students as they received their diplomas and awards.
There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and in today’s Lifestyle section, many words will be spoken through the photos being shared from the three celebrations.
No one knows what the next school year holds, but the final memories instilled in these children will be long remembered thanks to the hard work and dedication of their school’s administrators and faculty members making each student feel like a king or a queen on the day set aside to celebrate them.