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The Fishing Hole… You grab a line, and I’ll grab a pole

One of the greatest resources that we are blessed to have in Carter County is our fisheries.
Yet, it is one of the resources that we really don’t take enough time to promote as far as from an economical standpoint. Everything from guided fishing trips, lodging, camping, the food industry, and even boat sales could be impacted if we could do a better job on capitalizing on this great resource.
From the Watauga River, Doe River, Watauga Lake, and all the little fishing streams found throughout our county, opportunity can be found.
With that opportunity as great as it is, the Elizabethton Star Sports will begin a new feature called ‘The Fishing Hole’ where we want to showcase some of the great fishermen and the fish they are catching out of our local waters.
We hope to continue to expand this special opportunity with some tips that can help fishermen who want to get better at the sport.
We hope our readers and especially the fishermen will look forward to seeing all the great catches being made locally.