Finally, a candidate who wants to talk to us

Published 2:09 pm Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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To the Editor:
It’s election time again. As a conservative Bible-believing Christian I am weary of the incessant phone calls and on-stop TV and radio campaign ads filled with placing blame, divisiveness, and promises that NO candidate, by himself, can make good on.
And what if Donald Trump isn’t elected to a second term? Will these people even try to work with a new administration, or will we continue to see government as usual where you’re judged and discarded solely by whether there’s an “R” or “D” next to your name?
Beginning in Washington and trickling down to all of us, is name calling, demeaning, disrespect, and even hatred for anyone who dares to disagree with us. How can we ever expect people to see our side when we talk about each other like that? How can we possibly expect God to bless America when we won’t keep His two greatest commandments: Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself (see Matt. 5: 21-22).
There are so many people running and I needed an alternative to what I’ve seen so far on TV, most of whom are millionaires, or have “deep pocked” special interest or political backing. While driving down the road I saw a small sign that only said, “Quillen for Congress.” I was curious, so I googled him. I found Carter Quillen and everything I’d been hoping for in a candidate! It was the proverbial “breath of fresh air” in the political pollution of the times.
He’s not rich. He’s driving around the First District in an old camper and actually WANTS to TALK to us. He’s relying on his web page, Facebook, and handouts to relay his message. The best part is, he points no fingers, and the promises he makes can be kept — to use his Christian morals and values to guide him and work hard and do his best to benefit ALL the people in the First District.
I sincerely urge all who are weary of the status quo in Washington to google “Quillen for Congress” and learn for yourself about an intelligent, caring, and truthful candidate.
Voters are the one with the power to instigate change in America. Explore all your options. Please don’t be satisfied with relegating your choice to only the few you see on TV.

Gayle Williams

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