Americans gone crazy

Published 2:04 pm Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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To the Editor:
There is no doubt that some Americans have gone crazy. They do not seem to know that city streets were built for motor vehicle traffic, and that sidewalks were built for foot traffic!
They do not know that the right to “peacefully assemble” means just that, not a right to take over streets, start fires, destroy, or steal other people’s property, and take lives.  Those chanting “burn it down” “burn it down” should be immediately removed from American streets which they do not deserve to be on, and put in jail where they belong, because they are a threat to society, and America in general.
While “freedom of speech” is an American right, it does not cover destructive criminal activities.
Those who have caused billions in destruction of private and government property, and those who provided money to the BLM Organization, to carry out these ungodly, uncivilized, disgraceful, and un-American activities, should be held accountable.
The rights under our Constitution also means that we are to respect the rights of others.
When the mob destroys businesses and homes of innocent owners and employees, they destroy their livelihood and place to live. Such action is bad and disgraceful! All lives matter because the Creator made each one of us and He commanded, “Thou shalt not kill.”
As punishment, God directed “death” in this mortal world, and hell after death for murderers.
Hate towards the police is not fair, nor warranted, and it should have never been started.
“Since January 1, 2015, 4,728 have died in police shootings and around half, 2,385, were white.” 1,252 were black, 877 were Hispanic and 214 were from other racial groups.”
Although I heartily disagree in breaking God’s created Human Race, into races, the above shows 50.4% of those killed were White, 26.4% Black, 18.5% Hispanic, and 5% other groups. Obviously, one should clearly see killings had nothing to do with skin color.
Immediately crying out “police brutality” when someone is killed by police is wrong! Instead, we should be saying obey the law and the police. Behave and accept their commands. They are serving the community.
After that sniper killed five policemen in Dallas, Texas in July 2016, then President Obama, declared it “a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.” He should be saying the same now!
There are no grounds for BLM to be calling for “burning down America” and “mobilizing” a “highly trained military to challenge police.” AMERICA DOES NOT NEED A RACE WAR. GOD IS WHAT IS NEEDED!
Manuel Ybarra Jr.
Coalgate, Okla.

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