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Tennessee reveals priorities for first coronavirus vaccines

NASHVILLE (AP) — Tennessee’s Department of Health has revealed its plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccines once they become available.
According to a news release, the agency submitted its draft proposal to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week. The plan was made public on Wednesday.
“We assure Tennesseans that safe, effective and approved COVID-19 vaccines will be released in Tennessee when they are available to reduce the spread of the virus,” said Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey in a statement.
Piercey added that the plan will likely be modified as the state learns when and how many vaccines will be received. Currently, Tennessee is expected to get 2% of the national vaccine allocation, but the exact number is unclear.
Under the current draft plan, Tennessee will distribute the majority of the vaccines throughout its 95 counties based on population. Ten percent of the vaccines will be set aside as a reserve.
The health agency is seeking hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and other partners capable of storing vaccine and administering the vaccine. First responders will be the state’s top priority in receiving the vaccine during the initial distribution phases, with health care workers being the next top priority.