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Nothing better than apple butter…

One of the favorite fall things to do for many is to get together with friends and neighbors and have a big apple butter stir off.

It’s a time that brings together those who often we haven’t talked to in a long time and since cooking apple butter is a slow process, a lot of catching up can be done along with sharing a meal together.

If one has never tried to stir off apple butter, you don’t know what you are missing.

First, the apples have to be peeled and prepared with sugar, red hots, and cinnamon —or one’s favorite recipe — to go into a large pot, typically copper and brass to prevent sticking.

A large-handled stirrer with a paddle at the end is used to stir the apple butter that is cooked over an open fire to prevent those who are doing the labor from being burnt by the fire.

The smells that come from the bubbling apples will make one’s tongue slap their brains out according to old-timers who often canned several quarts to get their families through the winter months.

There is nothing more tastier than baking a pan of cat-head biscuits, covering the piping hot biscuits with a big slab of butter, and then generously applying the delicious apple butter to top it off.

Star photographer Larry Souders caught one of these apple butter stirs going on in his own neighborhood and shared some of the day’s event with our Star readers.