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Bonnie Kate Theater & Kris Rowdy to host children’s charity event

The Bonnie Kate Theater will host a Toys for Tots concert event, featuring Kris Rowdy & The Hellbilly Band, along with numerous other performing artists, this Saturday from 6-10 p.m.
Rowdy, a resident of Elizabethton, contacted Toys for Tots earlier this year, with the hope of saving Christmas for hundreds of children across the East Tennessee area — and with the help of the Bonnie Kate Theater, it looks as if he will be able to do just that.
Rowdy admittedly noted that his imperfect childhood put a battery in his back to start the mission.
“Growing up, things were pretty bad, and we didn’t really have much. Now, I’m in a situation where I can make a difference for someone else. If we can take this show and impact some kid’s life, that would mean way more to me than to sell out a stadium,” he said.
Rowdy’s debut song, “Our Own,” recently broke the record for the most consecutive weeks at #1 for internet radio. And though the country music singer has amassed nationwide success within a short period of time, his appreciation for Elizabethton remains intact.
“[Performing at Bonnie Kate] would have been my first choice. It’s legendary around here. For me to do it at this theatre, it’s just such a big thing,” he said.
The event’s opening act will begin with The Powderkeg Outlaws, followed by Lynnae Moon, and finally, Kris Rowdy & The Hellbilly Band. Guests should expect to hear original songs, which will be placed on the band’s upcoming debut album.
Guests will also be expected to wear masks upon entering the concert, as event staff will check temperatures before the theater doors begin to open.
For Kris Rowdy, the event is more than just a show, it is an opportunity to wield his record-setting talent and influence the residents of Elizabethton to come out and take part in a bigger cause.
“This whole thing started as an idea. We knew that we wanted to make a difference and it soon turned into a reality pretty fast. Honestly, I just want these kids to have a good Christmas,” he said.
“Out of all of the places I’ve booked and played at, I’ve been more excited to do this show. This is like my Super Bowl,” Rowdy added.
For more event information, visit the Toys for Tots Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bonniekatetheater.