America the Beautiful

Published 3:31 pm Friday, July 2, 2021

America the Beautiful
Land of the Free
But who made that possible
For you and for me

The boy next door
The friend down the road
My what Bravery
These young men showed

As they left behind
Their families so dear
I wonder if their hearts
Were filled with fear

The fear of not knowing
The enemy they’d face
Or Prayers to the Father
For His Saving Grace

Each Life has its Story
All by itself
But some are forgotten
Like a Book on a Shelf

Let us not take for granted
Just what they all gave
As we walk slowly by
That Quiet, Lonely Grave

Those homes are now silent
That once held great noise
From the visits and laughter
Of those dear precious boys

Hearts are now broken
Lonely and sad
Stripped of the Dreams
Of their son or their dad

Those paths won’t be walked
By those tired worn feet
Nor will we be greeted
By their warm smiles so sweet

These are all memories
Too many to measure
We’ll hold oh so tightly
Oh my, what a Treasure

If for some reason
You fail to see
The sacrifice they made
For you and for me

Look in the face
Of that Mother so sad
Whose son gave his Life
And all that he had

Look at the wife
Who now walks alone
Or the child who wonders
Will my dad come home

We need to be thankful
For these unselfish souls
Stand up for our Country
And the Freedoms she holds

They gave their Lives
So the least we can do
Is Continue to Fight
For the Red, White and Blue

Nancy Diane Berry…….July 4, 2006