Preparing to change umbrellas… KCCB to move under Chamber wing and away from City umbrella

Published 8:54 pm Friday, July 9, 2021

An upcoming meeting between the boards of Keep Carter County Beautiful and the Elizabethton-Carter County Chamber of Commerce on July 21, 2021, should help pave the final path on KCCB’s move to being under the wing of the Chamber of Commerce.

Currently, the organization is under the City of Elizabethton and the move will allow KCCB to do a few more things as well as bring the organization to where 90 percent of its affiliates in the United States resides which is under the Chamber board.

KCCB currently has $797.49 in its coffers which will also be moved after final plans are complete.

In other news from the KCCB Zoom meeting, KCCB Chairman Edward Jordan informed those in attendance that there hasn’t been any communication between KCCB and Andy Hall, who was working with the group on getting the Trash Trout Trap installed.

The City of Elizabethton and Carter County Commission has approved funding for the traps to capture litter flowing in bodies of water in Elizabethton as well as Roan Mountain.

Jordan advised that the board will need to vote on where the trap will be installed in the City.

Board member Don Hlavaty has been working on updating the KCCB website to include a page on those who are partnering with the organization as well as an update on recycling centers.

Hlavaty also advised that there is a blog where residents can communicate with one another in regards to issues involving KCCB.

Ed Basconi provided an update on the wildflower beds that the KCCB recently planted.

“The flowers are doing well,” said Basconi. “The sunflowers behind Cannon Furniture are starting to bloom. Those that have been planted where the former coal shed was are struggling due to the soil.

“I went by and put some fertilizer on them and they are starting to show life. In two to four weeks, we should be seeing a lot of color.”

Board Member Mike Mains shared there had been some criticism on the beds in the Mill Race area as a resident recently complained that there was nothing but weeds in the bed.

Mains added there were wildflowers in the bed and are looking good saying that when color comes to the flowers, maybe people will change their minds.

Basconi also brought forth an idea to the KCCB board about making plans to plant 100 trees where individuals and groups can purchase a tree to honor someone or possibly a graduating class.

“This way, the City doesn’t have to buy the trees,” Basconi commented. “We would just need to identify where the trees will be planted after talking with the electric company to see where the larger and smaller trees need to be planted.”

Chairman Jordan responded that the idea was a good one and hopefully they can begin working on a plan in the fall and winter and begin implementation in the spring of 2022.

Jillian Reece informed the board that 24 partners in the downtown area have agreed to be tobacco-free establishments.

July 24 was set as the date for KCCB to do a cleanup on Milligan Highway. Volunteers are encouraged to participate and Jordan advised that he would have supplies available for the cleanup.

Finally, the board set August 19 as their next Zoom meeting beginning at noon.