Outland Estate Liquidators have made their mark on the community

Published 5:16 pm Thursday, August 5, 2021


Eight years ago, Keith and Amy Outland decided to leave their work in the funeral business behind and start a new line of work: estate liquidation.

Since then, Outland Estate Liquidators has become a household name in not only the community but across the nation, becoming the top viewed estate sale company in the state of Tennessee for the past four years as well as cracking the top 50 most viewed estate sale companies in the United States.

For those who are unfamiliar with what estate liquidation is, Keith Outland explained that the business, “Provides services for families that need to get rid of contents from an estate, whether that is due to the family losing a loved one or other various reasons.”

He expanded by saying, “Our goal is to make everything hassle-free for those that need our service. We take care of everything, from pulling everything out of areas like closets, attics, garages and determining what is sellable to providing marketing on social media of what will be sold.”

“From there we research and price everything, and once that is complete we open up a sale on all items which can consist of anywhere from two to four days long.”

But even once a sale is done, the work is not finished for them and their team. Amy Outland added that “Rarely, a family will handle everything that didn’t sell afterward, but usually we take those items and donate them to local charities like Loaves and Fishes, Salvation Army, Habitat Restore, Haven of Mercy, etc.”

If there are any items that are not able to be donated, the team will clear everything out and leave the property clear and clean.

Outland Estate Liquidators has become a premier estate sale company in the region, but the Outlands were not always in the liquidation business. Keith Outland stated that “Amy and I come from a funeral industry background and that is where we saw a need for the type of business we do now.

“Along with the need, we also wanted to have enough time to finish watching our kids grow up and be there for them at any events they were a part of.”

It was a two-person show at the beginning for the liquidation company, but now the business has turned into one with close to 20 employees, all of whom the Outlands consider family.

For those interested in reaching out to Outland Estate Liquidators, visit their website at outlandestateliquidators.com or on Facebook Messenger.