A Life Lived: Herman Deloach was from the old school of hard knocks and hard work

Published 1:42 pm Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Editorial Director
Herman Ray Deloach was 80 years old when he died July 7. Herman had worked at a number of jobs during his adult life and he knew how to do a lot of things.
He had served two years in the U.S. Army and four years in the reserves. Among Herman’s earliest jobs was custodian at Hampton High School. While working there he laid blocks for the assistant principal and painted houses for the Wagner Sisters in addition to his work at the school. 
Also, he helped build the girls dormitory at King College in Bristol as well as the new library and the two brick gates at the entrance to the college.
Among Herman’s other jobs was mechanic and for a time he worked at Bristol Memorial Hospital and the Mason & Dixon Trucking Terminal at Kingsport. He later worked at the rayons plants in Elizabethton as a pipe fitter for 35 years.
“To say he was a hard worker was an understatement for sure,” said his daughter, Annette. “He built his home with help from family and a very special uncle.”
Annette remembers when her father heated their home with wood and he would take time off from work to cut and gather his winter’s supply of wood. “He was a Mr. Fix-It. When things tore up, he would figure out ways to fix them. He was not a fancy type of person, but he believed in saving and not wasting and using what you had rather than going out and buying something new,” Annette said.
In her eyes Herman could do all things.
In addition to his job, Herman always found time to grow a garden in the summer and mow his yard. “He and my mother had planted a number of flowers through the years, and he eagerly awaited their blooms each spring and summer. One of his favorites was a hydrangea bush,” Annette said.
Herman displayed the American flag on a pole in his front yard and he could say the Pledge to the Flag. He took great pride in his military service and his country.
Herman was a faithful member of Friendship Free Will Baptist Church in Hampton, where he was the doorman. “He was a quiet person, but enjoyed greeting everyone at church and shaking their hands,” said Annette.
She said her father also enjoyed rides in the mountains and day trips. “He was not one for overnight vacations,” Annette shared.
“My dad would get up early on Sunday, get ready for church, and would turn on the radio to listen to his favorite radio preachers,” Annette said.
Herman also enjoyed sitting on the porch and visiting with family and friends. Often he would call and check on them.
Christmas was a special time of year for Herman as his birthday was Christmas Eve. He enjoyed spending the holidays with his family and other family celebrations.
“He was a wonderful father and always provided well for us. He spoiled my brother and me rotten,” said Annette.
Herman was born and raised in the Rittertown Community of Hampton and was the son Bill and Lottie Byrd Deloach. He was preceded in death by his wife, Dottie Deloach. He was the father of two children, Ray and Annette, and had one grandson.
“Dad’s favorite Bible verse was John 3:16, and one truth that he instilled in us was that Jesus loves the children, wherever they are in the world. He wanted us to know that God loves us all,” said Annette.
Herman Deloach did his best to love others, and he, himself, knew and experienced God’s love in so many ways.