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Commissioners urged to support shelter

To the Editor:
I’m writing this letter to our commissioners. I’m here to beg you to please vote to give our animal shelter their $60,000 back to them so we can keep our animal shelter and employees. Or, please vote to give them the money to keep our shelter running the way it should be.
I ask each of you that are voting “no” to please visit our shelter and look at the sad little faces of all those animals. Most of them were never cared for or loved. You will be welcome at the shelter.
There are so many sad cases over at the shelter. The staff does a wonderful job taking care of all the animals, cleaning the shelter. Each of you need to go early one morning and see how busy they are. The phone rings constantly with calls about animals or abuse and neglect calls.
You, commissioners that are voting “No,” I bet you have never been to the shelter to see how it’s being run. I’m very proud of our shelter and the director is the best that Carter County has had. The staff works hard. I’ve seen that with my own eyes
I’m asking you to have a heart and please vote to keep our animal shelter and operating as it should. You were elected to help our county and to make a difference. Let’s not make this about the city or our director. Do what is right for the people that elected you because they will remember this when voting time comes around again.
Remember, you might need the animal shelter to help you and your family sometime in the future.
I hope you will find it in your heart to give the money to the shelter and let’s stop the arguing.
By the way, who would want to visit here or even move here when they see how our county leaders treat our unwanted animals and the safety of our community.
Please vote YES.

Wanda Marlow