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Elizabethton High Cheer Spotlight

Name: Cagney Bennett

School: Elizabethton High School

Parents Name(s): Randall and Jancey Bennett

Siblings: Piper Kate Bennett

Church Attend: First United Methodist Church


Food: Steak

Ice Cream: Cookies and Cream

Music Genre: Country

Musician/Group: Morgan Wallen

Movie: Bring It On

Cheer: Go Betsy Go!

School Subject: Math

Teacher: Ms. Garland

Past Time/Hobbies: Tumbling, shopping, and dance

Color: Pink

Pets: Yorkie named Coco


1. If I could change one thing in the world it would be: I would change the effects of COVID.

2. My goal in life after graduation is to: To go to college and get a medical degree.

3. The reason I love to cheer is: I love to get the fans excited about the games & I love to tumble and stunt!

4. The game I cheered in that I will never forget was? Why? I’ll never forget when I cheered at the State Championship in 2019. We made history and we had the biggest crowd!