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Unaka Cheer Spotlight

Name: Annie Townsend

School: Unaka High School

Parents Name(s): Tracy Townsend


Food: Grilled Chicken

Ice Cream: Mint Chip

Music Genre: Pop

Song: Ain’t sh*t

Retail store: American Eagle

Actor: Cole Sprouse

Movie: The Conjuring

Cheer: Hey! Hey! Here we go Unaka Rangers

School Subject: Science

Teacher: Mrs. Anderson

Past Time/Hobbies: dancing

Color: Purple

Pets: 2 cats, Lucy and Lily


1. My goal in life after graduation is to: Become a surgeon.

2. The reason I love to cheer is: I love cheer because I love being in front of people and performing

3. The game I cheered in that I will never forget was? Why? My sophomore year when we performed one of my favorite dances ever!