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GymDog in Elizabethton hopes to make an impact for area canines and owners


After beginning their dog training business in 2016 in Johnson City, James and Kat Manning have recently moved things to Elizabethton as a way to expand their growing business, GymDog.

James explained the ways in which his and his wife’s business has expanded by moving to Elizabethton, saying, “In Johnson City the main thing that we were doing was oriented on private lessons. However, our dream was to be able to open an actual gym for dogs where people could attend classes and have access to a facility with agility and dog sports equipment.

“The main thing is that we really want to just build up a sense of community for those that bring their dogs here, something that we are able to do now that we are here in Elizabethton.”

In terms of the building GymDog is located at, James is pleased, saying, “The place that we are located at is such an awesome place. It’s a 5,800-square-foot facility which gives us all the room we need.”

When opening a business in an area like Carter County, there is always something special about the people you work with. James can attest to this, saying, “The people and the connections that you make with those people are the best part about working around here. We have met and have gotten to work with hundreds of people from around the area, and each and every one of them are so special.”

James says that all preparation has been done and that business is up and running at GymDog.

“We are now open and are running all sorts of classes for everyone such as basic obedience 1, basic obedience 2, therapy dog training, agility training, rally training, tricks, etc. Pretty soon, we are also going to start offering canine fitness and some dog sports classes.”

GymDog is located at 715 North Lynn Avenue in Elizabethton and is open from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. on Saturday. For more information, or any questions, contact GymDog at (423) 426-2729.