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Happy Valley Cheer Spotlight

Name: Autumn Henegar

School: Happy Valley High School

Parent: Amy Henegar and Tommy Henegar

Sibling: Adrienne Henegar

Church attend: Chinquapin Grove

Favorite food: Seafood Alfredo

Favorite ice cream: chocolate

Music genre: country

Favorite song: Carrying your love with me- George Strait

Favorite movie: Gone with the wind

Favorite cheer: touch d-o-w-n touchdown let’s win!

Favorite subject: Science

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Buchanan

Past time hobbies: Basketball, barrel racing

Favorite color: Blue

Pets:Dogs,horses,goats,cows and cats

1. Things people don’t know that I can do is cook and bake.

2. If there was one thing I could change about the world it would be for everyone to be right with God.

3. My goal after graduation is to get a part-time job, go to college, and be an occupational therapist.

4. A game I would never forget? When we played Hampton my sophomore year. Why? I thought I was going to die of hyperthermia and it’s a rivalry game so everyone was excited and we had a big turnout.