Elizabethton City Schools provides donations to Humphreys County educators

Published 4:41 pm Friday, October 1, 2021


Students and teachers in the Elizabethton City Schools are raising funds to help provide “Waverly Wishes.”

The campaign, which launched on Friday, is helping raise funds for two kindergarten classrooms at Waverly Elementary that were destroyed by flooding in August.

Marsha Taylor, coordinator of the campaign, said it began after Elizabethton superintendent Richard VanHuss received an email from the Humphreys County school system about the flooding issues. “The email was asking for assistance from other school systems that would be willing to adopt a teacher and support them,” Taylor said. “This initiative was put together as a way to help those teachers that lost everything in the flood and support them with monetary donations to be able to purchase things for their classrooms.”

Taylor said the effort also provides a learning opportunity for the students in Elizabethton. “Helping these teachers in Waverly is an experience for our students to learn empathy as well as do this as an act of service rather than a competition among individual schools.”

Volunteers will be collecting donations at the city schools and at the Elizabethton High School football game on Oct. 8.

Anyone wanting more information about the campaign can contact Elizabethton City Schools at (423) 547-8000.