Keenburg honor roll students named

Published 3:44 pm Thursday, November 4, 2021

Jason Hartley, Pincipal of Keenburg Elementary School, has released the honor roll for the first nine weeks grading period. Students receiving the honors were:
THIRD GRADE: Superior (All A’s) — Colby Franklin and Rachael Hartley; First (All A’s and 1 B) — Maddie Keller and Quentin Turner; Second (All A’s and B’s) — Rangen Brock, Brooklyn Cole and Ariana Hamm.
FOURTH GRADE: Superior (All A’s) — None; First (All A’s and 1 B) — Josh Bates and Jason Lyons; Second (All A’s and B’s) — Banjo Clay and Isaiah Smidt. Perfect Attendance — Josh Bates, Jasmine Carr and Banjo Clay.
FIFTH GRADE: Superior (All A’s) — Gabriel Bailey and Maddie Whitson. First (All A’s and 1 B) — None; Second (All A’s and B’s) — Lydia Arnold, Lucas Dugger, Kelsey Ludwick and Ellianah Hays.
SIXTH GRADE: Superior (All A’s) — Loki Hannum; First (All A’s and 1B) — None; Second (All A’s and B’s) — J.P. Marek, Haley May, Yasmin Mendez, Morgan Miears, Bryon Rose and William Vines. PERFECT ATTENDANCE — Davy Hunter and Thomas Parlier.
SEVENTH GRADE: Superior (All A’s) — None; First (All A’s and 1 B) — Noah Hipshire and Caitlin Reece; Second (All A’s and 1 B) — Afton Bailey, Nathan Edwards and Ayden Turner; Perfect Attendance — Azucena Mendez, Amy Parlier, Daniel Waterman and Michael Waterman.
EIGHTH GRADE: Superior (All A’s) — Chris Johnson; First (All A’s and 1 B) — Antonio Mireles; Second — None.