Hello my friends

Published 12:19 pm Thursday, November 11, 2021

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall season. It is my favorite of all the seasons. The slight chill in the air. The turning of the leaves, the all-around good feeling of the holidays that are fast approaching. This is the time of year when good cheer and thanksgiving are in the air. Turkey and the Christmas trees are on everyone’s mind. And for me it is something slightly different but just as exciting.

I have written in the past about how love has eluded me and how my life has always taken twists and turns and ups and downs, well more downs than ups. But recently I feel as though that is changing. I don’t mind saying after the recent events in my life I was in a dark place, I was depressed and feeling down most of the time. Even my son could tell I was not my usual enjoying life, joking self. Even though I tried to disguise my downturn my son of seven recognized I was feeling lowly. Then she came into my life.

I refer to her as my Irene Adler. For those of you who do not know who that is, she is the one woman that was equal or better to Sherlock Holmes and in some strange way Holmes was attracted to her because she could best him. That is how I feel. She came into my life in a subtle way. She was a ray of light inside a dark world. I have to say I was first captivated as to how she could match my wit with sharp comebacks that set me in a tailspin. I also was fascinated by how she figured out who I was without me having to explain myself. No woman has ever achieved that and she did that in only a few days. Her insight is incredible. This I have to say has never before happened to me. This alone intrigued me. When I speak of old movies, or even old-time radio shows like the Shadow or Jack Benny I do not get my costmary look of confusion. Instead she tells me of her favorite old-time radio shows and again I am set back a step. I have to add that in all my life I have never met anyone with a heart and a mind like hers and both equally have captured me. And then there is this — she is a writer! This blows my mind. Most everyone knows of my books and how and where they can be found and soon everyone will know her works as well. And in all honesty I find it hard to have good, intelligent conversations with women that I’m seeing or dating, but she can match me and more. She has a facial expression for every mood and this alone keeps me entranced wanting to know more about this incredible lady that has me entranced in her beauty, wit and grace. I have never met anyone like her and I venture to say I never will.

The moral to this little story is never give up because it is at that moment when your whole life could change for the better. I know mine has.