Coming Soon! “Saving Faith”

Published 3:16 pm Thursday, September 15, 2022

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Lorie Ann McReynolds-Simpson
“Saving Faith” tells the story of Faith Deene, a woman that loves her small town of Mahogany Bay, South Carolina. Where she has lived all her life, has a warm, loving family, and is surrounded by loyal, trusting friends. But then the peace and safety of her home get turned upside down when her quiet, seaside town is plagued by a serial killer. And to make matters worse, there is no rhyme or reason for his killings. His victims have only one thing in common: they are women and strangled to death. The killings send fear through the entire town, and the police are baffled, but the worst part is that Faith has become the next target.
Detective Dakota McClane is frustrated by the lack of evidence in the strangling cases. He feels the pressure from his captain to catch the strangler, but also he feels like he has let his community down; all eyes have turned to him to find this murderer. So now the handsome detective has met this intriguing woman named Faith, and he would like to get to know her better. But will he have the chance? The killer taunts him as Detective McClane races against time to try and stop him before more are killed, one of which might even be Faith. You have to read this fantastic new novel; by Author Lorie Ann McReynolds-Simpson. It is a thrill ride of who-done-it and who will be next?
“Saving Faith” is a Christian suspense novel that keeps you guessing until the end. It takes you on a journey of faith, hope, and devotion, the likes of which you have never read about. Not only saving Faith but testing the Faith of many of the characters. The book is coming soon to Paperback, Hardback, and audiobook.

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