Why Christians need to vote

Published 12:24 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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To the Editor:
You hear many varying comments from Christians relative to voting. Some are consistent voters, some as a result of recent fraud say what is the use, others think you should not get your hands dirty with politics, etc.
To clarify this situation we must turn to and remember the “Great Commission” which says to take the Gospel into the whole world. Thus it is every Christian’s duty to support and/or actively participate in this commandment to spread the Good News. Relative to voting this means it is your Christian duty to vote and in doing so to support those persons who will not hinder the great commission. In other words your voting should reflect your allegiance to God and His holy word, the Bible. If you do not vote you are being hypocritical to the great commission as well as the founding fathers of this nation. Of course it is also important to remember that when you pull the lever or push the button, you should vote your convictions, not your rationalizations. Don’t compromise your beliefs for:
1. Personal gain
2. Personal prejudices or
3. Any political party
To do this you must first seek out facts about the candidate’s moral character, where they stand on the truly important issues and check their voting and/or public service records. Do not rely only on television/cable news for the truth and/or the complete story on any candidate. The internet has become a good source of information. The radio is also proving to be a good source. A good rule of thumb is to use multiple information sources along with discernment to get the truth about any topic or candidate.

J. Ronald Winter

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