What rights?

Published 9:46 am Thursday, June 8, 2023

Everywhere I turn, every time I look on Facebook, or when I turn on the news, all I see are people wanting their rights. Mainly it is homosexuals. Transgender and whatever other group springs up overnight. But then I ask myself what rights they want. Gay rights? What right does this entitle them to? What do they want? The freedom to what? Be gay? As far as anyone knows, it’s not illegal to be gay, so what rights are we talking about? The right to force others to be gay? The right to force others to listen to inane speeches about how great it is to be gay. I don’t understand. And it doesn’t stop there; it seems everyone now wants their rights. Rights to kill unborn children and rights to change the sex of a child. Where does it end? As I see it, no one needs more rights than human rights. And with that comes many privileges, so what more do people want? It keeps going until there is a fine line between rights and being allowed to do whatever you want without consequences.

Then there is reality. I grew up in an age where there were homosexuals, straights, transgender, and everything else we have today; the difference is everyone lived their own lives without forcing themselves on others; in other words, everyone stayed in their own yards. There were just as many people against just as many things, but today it’s easier to try and shove beliefs in people’s faces. The exposure, for better or worse, has multiplied everyone on earth, so if you believe the insane theory the world is flat and you come out and try to convince people to expect opinion, you cannot be angry when everyone else that knows the reality disagrees with you some more vocal than others. In reality, heterosexual people don’t care if you are transgender. I know I don’t, but don’t invade my yard with it and try to impress it on my child. Therein lies the problem. The ones seeking these strange rights try to impress themselves onto others, and if anyone says anything against it, they are labeled phobic. I have always had friends from many races and sexual preferences. And never had many friends, gay or straight, whoever pressed their orientation on me or anyone else. We speak of daily living and other junk but never preach to each other how one is right and wrong; we just live our lives.

Take the “Right” to mutilate children to change their sex. Insane people are messing with things that will cause long-term effects, and they don’t even care; all they want is the right to do it! That, to me, is crazy. I know from my son that their mind changes daily on likes and dislikes, so how can anyone with any sense about them listen to what a child wants when it concerns altering their bodies? All that is is a right to mutilate a child. It is insane. So where is all of this going to end? I have no idea; all I know, and this is from our own history, is that it will take something drastic to wake people up, and in my humble opinion, that event is just around the corner somewhere.

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