Writer warns of digital society and AI

Published 9:05 am Friday, August 4, 2023

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To the Editor:
At present we live in a digital society. But the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has added a new, perhaps fatal chapter to the present digital society. If AI were properly controlled by a body of law; i.e., restricted in how it could be used then could be a great asset in the medical arena.
Likewise, if properly used, it could be used to ensure that objective justice is achieved. But with the fallen nature of mankind we know it will be used in evil ways. Right now it is being used to write reports, documents and books on any subject you choose regardless of your knowledge of that subject. The reader will not know of your ignorance on the topic. It can likewise be used to rewrite history or to put a different slant on history to distort the truth. Yes, it will be a great tool for deceiving people.
There are AI voice generators that can take a sampling of your voice then generate statements using your voice that you never actually made. This means you can no longer believe what you hear. The voice may sound like someone you know but not reflect what he/she actually said. Now it is being taken to a much more, perhaps ultimate deceptive level – DEEP FAKE VIDEOS. They can digitize a short video of you, then create a digitized you that you cannot distinguish for the real you. Then they can put you in a video in clothes/apparel you have never owned, in places you have never been or perform acts that you never did or dreamed of doing. This could be used to blackmail people, destroy a career or life.Such deep fakes could be used to upset financial markets as well as nations, not to mention the effect on families. This has already found its way in the pornography industry.
In the future you may see new movies that feature movie stars of the past. They could make a new movie starring John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, etc. They can select a theme that will suit the public.
You mix this with the new technology that allows you to put on a helmet device that connects with your senses/brain that will allow you to mentally experience vacations to any spot on earth, attend meetings, celebrations, etc.This is sometimes referred to as virtual reality. Is this what the GREAT RESET means when it says that you will own nothing and still be happy/satisfied. You will mentally be satisfied digitally. This is not a desirable future since it will be void of self-will and freedom. This may well be the final attempt to destroy Christianity. Heaven forbid. Lord come quickly.

J. Ronald Winter

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