Reader responds to recent Letters to the Editor

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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To the Editor:

Well D.D. Nave is overboard again. He says, “I voted for Trump because he supported the Constitution better.” Where were you when Trump tried to overthrow the United States Capital and Constitution on January 6, 2021? The Capital was attacked by a mob of supporters and was being urged on by then U.S. President Trump, two months after his defeat by about 3 million votes. While Trump twiddled his thumbs watching his riot on TV, and being begged by some of his staff and family to stop the carnage.

If Nave supports Trump and claims to be a Christian, we must be on different planets, as I sure do not consider Donald Trump to be a Christian in my view of what a Christian is. And, Mr. Nave, well, what can I say.

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Secondly, I fully understand the letter by Jacey Augustus about Nicole Horne of East Side Elementary. But, as a former teacher, coach, principal, and school board representative, I have been in that situation and if you have never been a teacher, coach, etc., you do not understand what they go through.

My deepest regard for our school system personnel, including bus drivers, aides, cafeteria workers, administrators, and coaches and teachers. Things have certainly changed. I was paddled in Junior High by Mr. Large, Mr. L.D. Chambers, and Coach Hathaway. Once my sophomore year at Betsy High by Coach Chambers and twice my senior year by Coach Fine and Mr. Bristol. Not for being disrespectful. None lost their job. My mental health was and still is fine and I have nothing but fond memories of all my teachers, coaches, etc.


Dick Ryan