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Autumn points to the need for fire safety

As the warm days of summer slip away and autumn more and more makes its appearance, it will soon begin to feel like autumn as ... Read more

by Our View, Tuesday, September 28, 2021 2:26 pm


State, local officials need to reach out effectively to unvaccinated

The COVID-19 numbers say it all: Not enough Carter Countians are safe from the disease, and our death rate from COVID 19 in the past ... Read more

by Our View, Friday, September 24, 2021 2:56 pm


Fall the most colorful of the seasons

Today is the first day of autumn. Summer has now left the room, even though some signs of it remain. And, with some cooler nights ... Read more

by Our View, Tuesday, September 21, 2021 2:58 pm


Freedom’s story deeply vetted in local history

The annual Overmountain Victory Trail Celebration will be held next weekend at Sycamore Shoals Park and will be highlighted by the crossing of the Watauga ... Read more

by Our View, Friday, September 17, 2021 4:49 pm


High school sports bring communities together

Tailgates. Pep rallies. Friday night lights. This time of year, all eyes are on Friday night and high school football. Whether it be Hampton, Cloudland, ... Read more

by Our View, Tuesday, September 14, 2021 12:34 pm


Heavy burden on hospitals; consequences from non-vaccination

Who is going to make the decision about who is going to get the ICU bed and probably live and who is probably going to ... Read more

by Our View, Friday, September 10, 2021 3:24 pm


Remembering 9/11 and our challenge as citizens

It’s been 20 years since the terror attack on this nation, which left smoke billowing from the World Trade Center after hijacked planes crashed into ... Read more

by Our View, Tuesday, September 7, 2021 2:55 pm


Labor Day for second year impacted by COVID

Labor Day weekend represents the “unofficial” close of summer and the “unofficial” start of fall. It is the first big college football weekend. We are ... Read more

by Our View, Friday, September 3, 2021 4:10 pm


Why can’t small businesses find workers?

Help wanted signs are a common sight on doors and windows of local businesses. Fast food restaurants, grocery stores, hospital, nursing homes — all need ... Read more

by Our View, Tuesday, August 31, 2021 3:53 pm


Failure and chaos in Afghanistan all the more reason to appreciate those who served

President Biden blew it on Afghanistan just like Donald Trump did with the coronavirus. In February 2020, President Trump musing about the virus said, “It’s ... Read more

by Our View, Friday, August 27, 2021 4:37 pm

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