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Little: A case of ‘the right place at the right time’

According to Carter County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Mike Little, it was a matter of the right place and the right time.
Six people were arrested after an investigation into suspected drug activity at 214 Rockhouse Road, Lot 3, according to Little.
The investigation began nearly a month ago – May 2 – after an explosion and fire damaged a storage building located on another lot in the mobile home park, Little said. Officers who responded to that call reported finding evidence of a meth lab in the storage building.
According to a police report on the fire, witnesses reported seeing a man running from the storage building with his pants on fire after the explosion. Witnesses also reported that a female ran out of the residence on Lot 3 and asked them not to call the police. According to the report, the man and woman got into a vehicle and fled the scene.
“We were able to identify and locate several of the people involved in that incident,” Little said Wednesday. “We received information today that the individuals were present at that location we have been attempting to locate since the original fire.”
Little said Sgt. Nick Andes and Agent Myles Cook were going to the home to look for the suspects when they saw a vehicle pull up to the mobile home and a male and female subject exit the vehicle and go inside. He said Andes and Cook then approached the residence.
And, according to Little, that’s where the timing came in.
“As they walked up to the residence they actually heard a drug deal taking place,” Little said. Andes and Cook then entered the residence and detained everyone there until more officers arrived. Little said all six people inside the mobile home were arrested and taken to jail.
Officers then contacted the owner of the property and received consent to search the residence. Little said officers located cocaine, a syringe filled with a mixture of methamphetamine and Suboxone and what he called a “tremendous amount” of drug paraphernalia.
“It was basically just being at the right place at the right time,” Little said of the arrests.
Arrested by the Carter County Sheriff’s Department as a result of investigation were:
• Carla Kimes, 23, charged with possession schedule II narcotics, possession schedule IV narcotics, and possession drug paraphernalia;
• Christian Boettcher, 20, charged with possession schedule II narcotics, possession schedule IV narcotics, and possession of drug paraphernalia;
• Tiffany Loudermilk, 44, charged with possession schedule II narcotics for resale, possession of drug paraphernalia and six counts promotion of methamphetamine manufacture;
• Jennifer Gentry, 40, charged with solicitation of sale of schedule II narcotics;
• Nathan Pohto, 21, charged with solicitation of sale of schedule II narcotics; and
• William Duncan, 25, charged with possession of schedule II narcotics for resale and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also served with warrants charging him with violation of probation and failure to appear.