Unpaid restaurant bill leads to charges

Published 9:05 am Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Washing dishes to pay for the meal was not an option for a diner at Elizabethton’s Amigo Mexican Restaurant after NEWMug-Daniel1x2Che said he couldn’t cover the bill.
Stephen Charles Daniel, 40, of Atlanta, Ga., was arrested by the Elizabethton Police Department on Saturday evening and charged with theft of services and public intoxication.
EPD Patrol Officer Jordan Ensor responded to the restaurant after the manager called for assistance, saying two men refused to pay for the food and drinks they had ordered. According to the incident report, one man paid for his meal and left after being informed by the manager he was calling 911.
When Ensor arrived on the scene, one man, later identified as Daniel, was left at the restaurant. Daniel had reportedly amassed a bill totalling $75.28 for food and drink to be paid.
According to the report, Daniel said he was from Georgia, but had no identification. Ensor described Daniel as smelling of alcohol, having slurred speech and being unsteady on his feet.
“The male subject was obviously intoxicated,” Ensor wrote.
The restaurant manager provided a receipt for the $75.28 bill, but Daniel was reported stating he had no money and could not pay for the meal.
Daniel was arrested and transported to the jail under the name “John Doe” until his identification could be confirmed since he had no ID on his person. Daniel will be in court on Aug. 4.

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