Sheriff, mayoral races luring voters to polls

Published 8:45 am Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Early voting has ended, with nearly 6,000 Carter County residents casting their ballots before the traditional Election Day.
With more early votes cast in this election than in 2010, the Elizabethton Star looked to the community to find out which race brought the most voters to the polls.
On Monday afternoon, the Star asked a random set of citizens at a local shopping center if they chose to vote early, and if they had, what race was most important to them.
Elizabethton residents Helen Wilson and husband Jim Wilson said they always vote early. Both reported having a good experience visiting the polls.
“I didn’t have to wait that long,” Helen Wilson said. “We waited until after most of the people had already voted, so we were able to get in and get out.”
Jim Wilson agreed that their early voting experience went smoothly.
“We were able to move through pretty fast,” he said. “Even with a 14-page ballot, it didn’t take that long.”
For Helen, the most important race on the ballot was the contest for Carter County sheriff.
On the other hand, Jim said it was the Carter County mayor’s race that stuck out to him.
Donna Williamson, who lives in west Carter County, said she had not voted early, but did plan to vote on Election Day.
“All of the races are important,” Williamson said. “It is what each party stands for that is important.”
Elizabethton resident Pauline McKinney was another who made sure to vote early for the August general election.
“It worked out well for me,” McKinney said. “I didn’t have to wait in line for very long.”
McKinney said the Carter County mayor’s race was the most important contest for her.
Patti Potter did not vote early, but she said she did register to vote so that she could participate in this election. She said the Carter County sheriff’s race and the election of road superintendent were the highlights for her.
“I have two friends that are running for sheriff, so it is not going to be an easy decision to make,” she said.
Phyllis Meece said she voted early to have an easier experience at the polls.
“I don’t like to wait,” she said. “I want to make sure that I get my vote in. You don’t know what will happen that could keep you from voting on election day.”
Hunter resident Linda Sommers wasn’t able to make it to vote early, but said she was planning to vote on Election Day.
“The sheriff’s race is the one everyone is talking about, and the mayor,” Sommers said. “All of them are important, though. Everyone is trying to change right now.”

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