Voters choose full slate for Carter County Commission

Published 9:24 am Friday, August 8, 2014

The Carter County Commission will have a group of new members after voters let their opinions be known in Thursday’s general election.
Voters selected three candidates from each district.
In the First District, newcomer Jerry Proffitt won with 36.93 percent with 1,370 votes. Incumbents Buford Peters and Willie Campbell rounded out the three. Peters had 31.16 percent with 1,173 votes and Campbell had 31.39 percent with 1,182 votes.
There were no other candidates in that district. There were 40 write-in votes.
In District Two, incumbent Nancy Brown led with 27.78 percent with 952 votes. Newcomers Mike Hill, with 20.92 percent with 717 votes, and Al Meehan with 22.32 percent with 765, were the top three. Other candidates were John Bland with 9.05 percent with 310 votes and Pam Braswell with 19.67 percent with 674 votes. There were nine write-in votes.
In District Three, Beth Depew led with 20.34 percent with 673 votes. Incumbent Ronnie Trivett was second with 20.25 percent with 670 votes. Charles Von Cannon was third with 18.98 percent with 628 votes. Other candidates were Howell G. Woods with 17.78 percent with 558 votes; Billy Peters with 14.75 percent with 488 votes and Bobby Tester with 7.74 percent with 256 votes. There were five write-in votes.
In District Four, Danny Ward led with 35.87 percent with 1,034 votes. Incumbent L.C. Tester was second with 32.95 percent with 950 votes. Next was Isaiah Grindstaff with 30.70 percent with 885 votes. There were 14 write-in votes.
In District Five, the top three candidates were Ross Garland, with 32.43 percent with 731 votes; Timothy Holdren with 27.55 percent with 621 votes and incumbent Bobbie Gouge-Dietz with 24.31 percent with 548 votes. The other candidate was Vince Hawkins with 15.17 percent with 342 votes. There were 12 write-in votes.
In District Six, Randall Jenkins led with 25.95 percent with 922 votes. John Lewis was next with 23.16 percent with 823 votes, and rounding out the top three was Larry Miller with 21.67 percent with 770 votes. Other candidates were Gary Bailey with 20.66 percent with 734 votes followed by Eugene Edney with 8.27 percent and 294 votes. There were 10 write-in candidates.
In District Seven, Scott Simerly led with 17.6 percent with 644 votes. Ray Lyons had 17.13 percent with 627 votes and Sonja Culler had 15.68 percent with 574 votes. Other candidates were Scott Sams with 14.15 percent with 518 votes, Richard Burleson had 13.42 percent with 491 votes, Lee Hubbard with 12.21 percent with 447 votes and Bobby Blevins with 9.73 percent with 356 votes. There were three write in votes.
In District Eight, newcomers Robert Carroll had 36.49 percent with 790 votes, and Cody McQueen had 32.61 percent with 706 votes. Incumbent Robert Gobble had 30.07 percent with 651 votes. There were 18 write-in candidates.

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