Police report another counterfeit $20 bill in city

Published 10:08 am Thursday, August 14, 2014

Same issue, different store.
More counterfeit money has appeared in Elizabethton, but at a different convenience store.
A clerk at the Zoomer’s at 821 W. Elk Ave., Elizabethton, reported the counterfeit $20 bill to the Elizabethton Police Department after the customer who attempted to use the bill left the scene.
According to the report, the customer was a passenger in a vehicle that stopped at Zoomer’s. According to the clerk, she presented the “obviously counterfeit $20” for payment for “cigarettes, gasoline and a lottery ticket.”
“He related that when he advised (the customer) that the currency was suspect, and he would have to notify law enforcement, she indicated to him that she would check with the vehicle operator to see if she had any currency but instead left the scene,” EPD Cpl. Sarah Ellison wrote in the incident report.
Ellison made contact with the vehicle at CVS on Hudson Drive.
“(The customer) related to writer that the reason she left the scene was because she is currently on probation for a DUI charge and got nervous about having contact with law enforcement,” Ellison wrote.
The customer said she received the $20 from an ATM machine on Aug. 12.
A search of the car did not recover any other “suspect currency or other evidence of a related crime.”
Police earlier reported two counterfeit bills were found over the weekend on separate occasions at another Elizabethton business.

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