Police investigating yet another report of bogus $20 bill

Published 9:02 am Friday, August 29, 2014

The Elizabethton Police Department is investigating a report of yet another counterfeit $20 bill circulating at the city’s businesses.
While previous instances of phony money were reported at local convenience stores, this time the fake currency was found by a pizza delivery driver.
On Wednesday afternoon, the manager of Papa John’s Pizza contacted the EPD about a possible counterfeit $20 that had been accepted by a delivery driver on Tuesday evening.
According to the incident report, the driver was making a delivery to a home on Bluefield Avenue. The manager was cited in the report as saying the driver suspected the money was counterfeit “but still turned it in to the store.”
The manager confirmed the bill to be counterfeit on Wednesday morning when he went to the bank. The manager told EPD Cpl. Lincoln Orellana that the bank took possession of the fake $20.
Orellana wrote in the report that he spoke with the delivery driver, who told him the customer who gave him the $20 bill was an elderly female.

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