ELC students catch the Gingerbread Man

Published 9:30 am Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Photo by Brandon Hicks For more photos visit www.elizabethton.com

Everyone has heard of the Gingerbread Man. Word on the street is that he can’t be caught no matter how fast you run.
On Friday, students at the Early Learning Center proved the old Gingerbread Man story wrong, catching a number of the holiday treats after being led on a chase through First Baptist Church in Elizabethton.
ELC teacher Susan Dugger said Friday’s gingerbread activities were to wrap up a lesson on the Gingerbread Man story.
During the week, students were read different versions of the story including a country, cowboy and city version. She said students compared the similarities and differences of the story.
ELC student Bo Armstrong said they also got to use iPads to decorate their digital cookies.
“You get to choose pieces and make the body,” he said.
On Friday, the Early Learning Center students traveled to First Baptist Church to bake their own gingerbread men cookies. While they waited for the cookies to bake, the students made gingerbread men Christmas ornaments and colored coloring sheets.
When the students returned to the kitchen to check on their cookies, they found an empty oven. The gingerbread men had escaped.
“Run, run as fast as you can,” said Anderson Petit. “You can’t catch the Gingerbread Man.”
The runaway gingerbread men left a trail of clues for the students to follow before they found them on the tables in the church’s fellowship hall. After that, it was time for the students to enjoy their cookie treats.

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