City prepared for future possible snow

Published 9:32 am Monday, December 15, 2014

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While the weather is sunny and delightful right now, it will eventually turn snowy and frightful, and when it does the city’s street department will be ready.
The city has already received a taste of the winter weather this year. Street Department Director Danny Hilbert says the crew is prepared for more if Mother Nature decides to turn the winter weather back on.
To be ready for the snow, the city’s salt bin is filled, the trucks have been maintained and staff know the protocol for those winter weather days.
Hilbert said the city’s salt bin is stocked with 1,100 tons of salt that will be used to clear snow from the roadways.
“The bin is full and we have more purchased on stand-by that will be delivered from Knoxville when we call,” Hilbert said. “We are ready for the snow if and when it comes.”
The city’s eight snow plows have been maintained and inspected to make sure they are road ready for when the weather demands. Hilbert said some of the trucks received new plows and salt spreaders.
After that, Hilbert said the some employees are assigned to periodically do checks on the trucks to make sure they are still mechanically sound throughout the winter season.
“We have to make sure that everything is good when it needs to be,” Hilbert said. “Things can happen, like flat tires, and we need to make sure those things are corrected when they do.”
When the forecast calls for snow, Hilbert said the street department employees are put on standby in case they are needed.
“If it is supposed to snow, they know to stay close to the phone,” he said.
Once the snow starts to fall, employees will work the eight designated routes in the city. Once a driver clears a route, they will then move on to assist the other drivers in clearing the streets.
“Our goal is to get the streets clear as fast as we can,” Hilbert said.

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