DBA plans to add more bicycle racks for Tweetsie Trail users

Published 9:17 am Monday, January 12, 2015

NW0111 DBA Plans for 2015 B

With the start of the new year, the Downtown Business Association has turned its focus into bringing more awareness, and shoppers, to the historic business district.
One way the DBA is getting ready for an increase in visitors is by preparing for the additional people who will come into town through the Tweetsie Trail.
Members questioned the status of new bike racks that are to be installed in downtown, providing riders somewhere safe to store their bikes while stopping.
City Manager Jerome Kitchens said the city is still considering those plans and working on the plans for placement.
“We are eventually looking at having bicycle racks in every parking lot and walkway, as well as the parks,” Kitchens said. “We are doing this slowly so that it doesn’t bust the budget.”
Kitchens said the Tweetsie Trail is expected to be completely finished by next fall, which would bring more people to downtown.
“We anticipate more people will be in the area on bicycles, so we need to be ready for that,” he said.
Last month the DBA brainstormed some ideas on special events that could bring more visitors into the shops downtown. During this month’s meeting, the group worked toward finalizing the first of those events planned for February.
Members decided on hosting a “Sweetheart Sale” on Feb. 12-14 with a Valentine’s Day theme. Kitchens suggested the event as a simple way for the DBA to get started with their special events roster.
“Use social media to advertise the event, decorate your storefronts and give out Valentines to the customers,” Kitchens advised. “One of the Valentines could have a prize or a discount for the customers.”
DBA President Cathy Shoun informed the group Jenny Kodak, co-owner of Johnny and June’s Vintage Boutique, will be serving as the chair of the DBA’s Events and Marketing Committee.
Shoun said the committee would be working to plan events and promote the businesses and happenings of downtown Elizabethton.

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