SALT Council to help mark county homes

Published 9:26 am Thursday, March 5, 2015

NW0305 House Numbers

The Carter County Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT) Council are working to make sure as many homes as possible have proper numerical markings to make them more easy to locate in emergency situations.

The SALT Council received a $1,000 grant from the East Tennessee Foundation to provide reflective number signs for Carter County residents who do not have them, SALT Chairwoman Karen Mansfield said. The numbers are free to whoever needs them and must be installed by the home’s residents.

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“The idea is to make sure all homes have a clearly marked address number on them,” Mansfield said. “If the home is not clearly marked by a number then it will not be clear to emergency responders or health care workers which home needs assistance.”

The numbers should be attached to a mailbox pole, if a post is available, Mansfield said. If not, then the numbers should be attached to the home where they are visible.

“First responders, the police, fire and EMS need to be able to find the homes and find them quickly,” Mansfield said. “Home care workers can go door-to-door looking for clients, but that doesn’t work when it’s an emergency. This could be a matter of life or death. Having these numbers could save a life.”

Through the grant, SALT was able to purchase green metal reflective backgrounds that adhesive numbers are attached to. The recipient must put the numbers on the sign and install it at the home themselves. The signs are available at the Elizabethton Senior Center, and all recipients must leave their name, phone number and address to receive the house numbers, Mansfield said.

While the SALT Council’s services are focused toward senior citizens, Mansfield said no one would be turned away who needed the numbers.

“Homes without adequate markings are a problem in Carter County,” she said. “Not having a house number is a problem for the first responders, and we would love to see that corrected.”

The SALT Council is currently pursuing more grants to continue funding the home signs in case the supply runs out.

For more information on picking up a sign, contact the senior center at 543-4362.