Students share memories, write get well notes to Ms. Kay

Published 9:58 am Saturday, March 14, 2015

Star Photo/Abby Morris-Frye To show their support for "Ms. Kay" Church, students at Hampton Elementary School signed a huge banner proclaiming "Friends don't let friends fight cancer alone."

Star Photo/Abby Morris-Frye
To show their support for “Ms. Kay” Church, students at Hampton Elementary School signed a huge banner proclaiming “Friends don’t let friends fight cancer alone.”

Students in the lower grades at Hampton Elementary School were given the opportunity to write a special note to a very special lady.

Kay Church, known affectionately at the school as Ms. Kay, is fighting a battle with cancer and to help cheer her up, the teachers at Hampton Elementary had their students write notes to Ms. Kay or to share their favorite memory of her. The school shared some of their notes with us and some of them are printed below.

• I love Ms. Kay and I miss her. I want her to feel better and I love her very much! She helps me figure my number out so I can remember it. Love, Jeffrey

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• She works really hard. She helped me open my milk when I was 5. Love, Kinzee

• I hope you feel better! Ms. Kay is always nice to us in the lunchroom. Love, Dylan

• I want to give you a cat! She fed us and it was good! Love, Brady

• I love you. I like when Ms. Kay smiles at me. Love, Emma S.

• I hope you feel better. Ms. Kay told me I was pretty and that made me happy. Love, Mandi

• For cooking food for us and pulling theth and onn peoples birthday she would give us ice cream or a bag of chips. (not signed)

• She lots of things for me. She gave me ice cream she gave me hugs and she just loved me and I hope she gets well soon Because she was a good Lunch Lady. From Satin

• Ms. Kay was a very good cook and good at pulling teeth. She is a very nice and gentle lady – Raeann

• Mrs. Kay pulled my first tooth and every day when I went through her line she would give me a hug and ask me what I have learned so far. – Delaney

• Ms. Kay is the best lunch lady. When I don’t like what they’re having, she gives me a peanut butter sandwich. Get well! – James

• One time I had a loose tooth and she gave me a free ice cream to make it stop hurting but to sum it all up, she was not just a lunch lady, she was my best and I loved her very much – Emma F.

• My favorite memory of Ms. Kay was how everyday when I went through the line she was so nice, loving, and how she always greated me with a smile. – Luke

• Ms. Kay is such a sweet person. Ms. Kay always would smile at me when I was checking out. she loves all the kids and another thing I can remember is that she always hugs me. – Kelli

• Mrs. Kay was always so nice and made 6 hours of school all worth it. Muy Gracias yo te extrano. – Grace

• Ms. Kay was always nice to all of us and I just hope she gets well soon and can come back as soon as she can. – Alex

• Ms. Kay is the most sweetest lady I know. She always let me have a little something extra from the lunch line. – Bryanna

• Ms. Kay has always been nice and kind to everyone. She always is happy and smiling. My faviorte memory is she’d always know everyone’s name. She’d always smile. She was one of the best lunch lady in the world. – Olivia

• Ms. Kay gave me another milk. Ms. Kay is the best. – Madison

• She a very great lunch lady. She makes me so happy. She was very easy to pull teeth. She was very great to everyone. (not signed)

• Shes very pretty. Shes very nice. She helps me. She fixes brefast for us. We love her. She gave me a ice cream. She gives people money. (not signed)

• Ms. Kay is very nise and Good to us and she is a good cook and she helps us and she is very nise to us. – Michael

• You are the most wonderful person and when I saw your picture on facebook and I bursted in tears. But I still know you’re in good hands. And I still have the memory of you pulling my tooth. I love you so much. – Emma A.

• When I was in headstart she would always come out in talk to all the headstarts also when i was in 2nd grade she pulled two of my theeth in one week. – Gabby

• One day I got a tray full of stuff then when I was leaving I tripped and fell. And she was the one who picked me right back pu and she was the one who helped get me a new pair of cloths. – Paige

• Ms. Kay always pulled my teeth. I love Ms. Kay. She is a wonderfull person. – Gracie

• Ms. Kay was a good lunch lady and she was always a good person and I will always miss her. We will all miss you and I will remember when you pulled my tooth. – Jason

• I love you. Ms. Kay made me happy when she let me get ice cream. Love, Gage

• I’m thankful just to have such a great lunch lady and such a great person thats important memorys I have of a freand, lunchlady and me and i’m shure many others. (not signed)

• Thank you for pulling my tooth. – Kentin

• You were always nice. – Mason

• Ms. kay always asked about my day and i would tell her good and then i would aks her how hers she been she would say good so she always greeted me and she always smiled at me and she was never mean to me either. – Mikayla

• With a smile on your face always nice to me and others. Thank you. – Isaac

• I hope you feel better. Love, Ryleigh

• I hope you feel better. Thank you for getting me a bag of chips. Love, Lyncoln