City employees use Go Fund Me to raise money for co-worker

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, April 22, 2015

City of Elizabethton employees have been rallying around their friend and co-worker Bryan Scott after he received a stage 3 lung cancer diagnosis close to three months ago.

City employees have donated days off to allow Scott time away from work during his treatments, have offered personal support and more recently have started a Go Fund Me page to help pay for treatments that insurance will not cover.

Scott, the city’s code enforcement officer, was diagnosed after having health problems for the past year. In January, he developed a cough and was treated for bronchitis. When treatments failed, a chest X-ray discovered the cancer.

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The fundraising goal is set at $10,000, and so far, $470 has been donated, administrative assistant Marie Blevins said.

“We started this because without it, Bryan cannot afford the cost of his treatments,” she said.

Even though Scott was diagnosed in February, he has yet to start treatments, Blevins said. Further testing revealed the cancer would respond to genetically focused treatments, adding an additional expense.

“To treat the cancer, he needs to take a specific pill,” Blevins said. “This pill is $5,000 a month, and that is the only way to beat it. He needs this pill, but he can’t afford it. He can do the other treatments, but the only way to really take care of it is through the pill.”

All of the money raised for the campaign will be given back to Scott, Street and Sanitation Department Director Danny Hilbert said. Hilbert has been friends with Scott since they were children.

“Any money raised will help him with his medical bills,” Hilbert said. “This is not an exception. Anytime there is someone in need, and they let us know and are willing to let us help them, we will try to do everything we can for them.”

Hilbert described Scott as a “hometown boy.” Scott has lived in Elizabethton his whole life except for the four years he was in the Air Force and stationed in Florida. He returned home and went to work at the Elizabethton Police Department. He has worked other public jobs before coming back to work for the city as the  enforcement officer.

Blevins affectionately calls Scott “Sweet Bryan” when talking about him. She described him as a quiet, private person.

“Bryan has a passion for the outdoors, especially gardening and flowers,” she said. “He has a special place in his heart for animals, especially cats. No matter what he is going through he never fails to have a smile on his face and ask about you and if he can do anything to help you. Bryan is very kind and compassionate; he has always been there for everyone else. Now he needs everyone else.”

The stress of facing the growing medical bills is making his condition worse, Blevins said. Scott has not returned to work since his diagnosis and has applied for disability to help make it through the treatment schedule.

“He is really stressing out and worrying right now,” Blevins said. “It has been really tough on him. We are asking for your help in helping our sweet friend Bryan. He is an amazing man and needs to focus on his healing and not worry so much about paying for his treatments.”

The Go Fund Me account can be found at