Tips for Ingles’ Tools for Schools program

Published 8:48 am Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tools for Schools, an Ingles Market program, has been operational for 16 years and has donated over $14 million to education, but many participants who have previously registered do not realize that they must link their cards again every year to the school of their choice in order to continue participation.
This keeps the system current and helps participants to know which school they are supporting.
“A lot of people have the impression that they’ve signed up, but you have to re-register because your kids might go to a different school the next year,” said Elizabethton Ingles Store Manager Brandon Kent.
At the end of each year, Ingles calculates the amount spent by participating customers along with the total spending for all participating schools. Each school’s spending is calculated as a percentage of the total schools’ spending, and then according to this percentage, the schools receive a designated portion of the funds.
All Elizabethton City Schools are participating. You may link your card at the register when checking out, but Kent said it is faster to do online. To link your card or to track your schools points, you may visit
There is no cost to participate, and schools with more cards linked are likely to receive more funding, Kent said.
This year, the program began on Aug. 12 and will end on May 28, 2016. School officials are encouraged to purchase supplies and equipment in June when they receive the funding. Many are able to purchase computers, iPads and basic supplies for the following academic year, Kent said.
“You’re shopping anyway, so if you can help your school out, that’s a great thing, it’s the easiest fundraiser for any school,” said Kent.

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