East Side students learn the ins and outs of fire prevention

Published 8:03 am Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Star Photo/Rebekah Price

Star Photo/Rebekah Price

To kick off National Fire Prevention Week, East Side Elementary students decoratedposters illustrating this year’s theme “Hear the beep where you sleep: every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm.” One winning poster was selected from each grade level which will be displayed at the Elizabethton Fire Department throughout the week for students to admire while touring the facility.
These entries will be submitted to the State Fire Marshal’s office for a chance to be selected as statewide winners. One will be chosen for each grade level–kindergarten through 12th grade–during the week of Dec. 7-11 in Nashville.
Grade level winners from East Side are Madison Tyree, 5th, Noah Holsclaw, 4th, Danielle White, 3rd, Liam Markland, 2nd, Zachary Cole, 1st.
Throughout the months of September and October, students are visiting the fire station to learn about fire safety and prevention.
During these visits, they learn about the value of smoke detection, what to do if they hear smoke detectors, and how their families can get them for free in the county or city through the EFD if they don’t have one in each bedroom.
Fire Captain Rusty Barnett said, “They want to see everything and listen to everything we say.”
Firemen discuss the importance of establishing a family meeting place and knowing escape routes.
He said some children are very persistent with their parents about establishing a family meeting place and doing at-home fire drills.
“It’s really good that we’re getting through to people,” he said.
They practice “stop, drop and roll” on mats, sit in the fire truck and get to see the firemen’s quarters.
“They love that,” said Barnett.
Firemen also teach children not to hide in closets or under beds, and not to hide from firemen.
“We wear our uniforms so that if we have to come to their house, they won’t be scared and will know what we look like,” said Barnett. “They shake hands with and high five the firemen and really enjoy seeing everything.”
Kids also get to see the tools firemen use like fans, ladders and hand tools.
Towards the end of the tour, kids get to see firemen spray water from the truck and then Barnett climbs the ladder as a finale, which he said they love.
Schools will soon be practicing fire drills, and will continue visiting the fire station.

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