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Published 10:25 am Monday, February 1, 2016

Star Photo/Abby Morris-Frye  Friends Frances Pentland, left, and Tonya Escano, right, have long shared a dream to open their own business and from that dream All That Glitters Spa & Salon was born.

Star Photo/Abby Morris-Frye
Friends Frances Pentland, left, and Tonya Escano, right, have long shared a dream to open their own business and from that dream All That Glitters Spa & Salon was born.

A new local business started with a dream, but it wasn’t until the owner got a serious medical diagnosis that she worked up the courage to make her dream a reality.
“I had breast cancer last year,” said Frances Pentland, owner of All That Glitters Spa and Salon. “I don’t think this all would have happened without that. It gave me the courage to jump and made me realize life is too short to not be happy where you are.”
While Pentland said she was not unhappy working at another spa, she just knew it was time to pursue her dream.
“I will always be thankful for my time there,” she said of her previous job with Austin Springs Spa. “When you leave somewhere people always assume it’s for something bad, but I left because it was just time to do this.”
Knowing she wanted to open her own salon and spa, Pentland began looking for a space for her new business. One day, she decided to take an alternate route home and that led to her driving by 724 W. G Street, the building that eventually became home to All That Glitters.
Pentland credits a lot of her courage as well as being able to open the business to her aunt, Lynn Dahl, a two-time breast cancer survivor. It was because of Dahl that Pentland underwent the exam that led to her diagnosis of breast cancer. Then, when it came time to step out on her own with her business, Dahl once again played a major part, becoming a silent partner in the salon.
“It happened faster than I thought it would,” Pentland said of everything coming together for the business, which opened just over a month ago.
Pentland is not alone in her new business venture. Her long-time friend and co-worker from Austin Springs Spa, Tonya Escano, has joined her as a partner in the salon.
“This just felt like home from the moment I walked in,” Escano said. “It was a dream that we had talked about for a long time.”
“It doesn’t feel like I’m coming to work when I come here and not many people have a job where they can say that,” Escano added. “There is no negativity to take home.”
One of the differences both women say they enjoy about All That Glitters over their previous job is the one-on-one attention they can give their clients in a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The smaller setting allows them to take their time with their clients, while separate spaces for each of them also provides more privacy for the clients, which can be a bonus.
“This way we can do it one-on-one and take care of people and help them take care of themselves,” Pentland said.
Both Pentland and Escano said sometimes a client may have an issue going on with their skin or nails that may be more than cosmetic in nature and may need to be checked by a healthcare provider. Having more privacy allows the women to discuss this with their clients in a private area to prevent embarrassment.
“I can’t diagnose it, but I can suggest you go see someone and have it checked out,” Escano said regarding potential problems with skin or nails.
Pentland is currently working on her advanced nail technician and medical nail technician certifications, which she said would make it easier for her to discuss potential health issues with clients and refer them for check ups with a physician.
All That Glitters Spa & Salon currently offers manicures, pedicures, gel polish, natural nail care, facials, waxing, body polishes and microderm abrasion. No hair services are offered at the salon. Soon, the salon will be offering massage therapy as well and in the future, Pentland and Escano plan to add gel nail extensions to their list of services. The salon also offers some skin and nail care products for sale. Both Pentland and Escano are licensed nail technicians and aestheticians. Pentland is also a licensed massage therapist.
All That Glitters Spa and Salon is located at 724 W. G St., in Elizabethton. For more information contact the salon at 423-773-5354 or 423-360-3980, e-mail them at or follow them on Facebook at

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