Animal Shelter seeks votes for adoption story in campaign to win $1,000

Published 9:40 am Friday, February 5, 2016

NW0205 Booth
Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter is calling on the community for support in order to win $1,000 as part of an adoption promotion campaign.
Blue Buffalo’s Home 4 the Holidays three-month campaign is an adoption drive uniting over 4,000 pet adoption agencies to raise awareness about the importance of adoption.
These organizations have submitted their adoption stories in hopes of getting enough votes to win. From ECCAS, this is the story of Booth, a dog who miraculously found a home with a veteran.
Booth is a dane/pit mix that was surrendered to the shelter by his owner in mid-December. Shelter Director Stacey Heiden said that for one reason or another, he was overlooked by families eager to adopt.
That was until a veteran who lived alone visited in search of a four-legged companion. When asked how they could help him, he said, “I need a friend.”
The shelter’s trustees took him back to see the dogs, and they all agreed at once that Booth was the perfect candidate. Heiden described him as loyal, lovable, housebroken and ready to go.
When the veteran met Booth, Heiden said he smiled from ear to ear, but then looked downcast, saying he had only come to look and did not get paid for a few days. He mumbled that he really wished he could take Booth home, Heiden said.
Most adoptions cost $55, which covers neutering, rabies vaccine, microchipping, booster shots, flea treatment, deworming and a $10 adoption fee. Booth was already chipped and up-to-date on vaccines, so he would only cost the man $10. Unfortunately, he had not come prepared to find the perfect dog on his first visit.
Heiden said they have a great community of military veteran animal lovers who often adopt from the shelter, and as a gesture of gratitude, they waive the adoption fee for veterans with military identification.
“It is always a pleasure to see the smiles of those who we know will give our pets good, lifelong homes,” she said. “The veteran discount is our small token of thanks for all they have given, serving our country.”
This meant Booth’s adoption to the veteran would cost nothing more than a commitment to love and care for his new friend.
According to the story, written by Heiden, “We have never seen a happier human and dog. We all teared up, as this beautiful man just sat in his car with Booth riding shotgun, marveling at his new best friend, hugging him around the neck, gently crying into his fur. This, folks, is why we do this. This is what makes it all worthwhile.”
To cast a vote, go online at this link, and vote for Booth to help other animals at ECCAS find loving homes. Voting began Tuesday and will end Thursday, Feb. 11.
Booth is one of 12 finalists, and a vote for him could mean funding to provide shelter improvements for enrichment of pets’ experiences while at the shelter to keep them entertained. “It staves off depression, boredom, and illness while they are waiting to be adopted or rescued,” said Heiden.
The shelter’s continuous efforts to find loving homes for Carter County pets comes in response to the continual growth of the pet population. This results from breeding and reproduction of pets that are not spayed or neutered. Adoption from the Elizabethton/Carter County Animal Shelter costs $55 or less for any dog or cat and includes the previously mentioned vetting services. Heiden pointed out that this saves hundreds of dollars at the veterinarian’s office, and more importantly, it saves a life.
“Adoption from your local animal shelter ensures that you’re not adding to the pet overpopulation problem by encouraging backyard breeding or unscrupulous puppy mill breeders,” Heiden said.
She also pointed out that dogs advertised on and online yard sale pages are often resold for a quick profit and may end up being used as bait animals for illegal dog fights. For these reasons, Heiden said it is important to adopt from and support the local shelter, and she hopes that all will take a moment to vote for ECCAS and share the link with their friends.

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