Hampton couple faces charges following alleged domestic dispute

Published 10:25 am Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hampton Couple Arrested
A Hampton couple face charges after a third party called 911 to report the two were fighting.
Officers of the Carter County Sheriff’s Office arrested Babette Brauner, 51, and Bryan Burger, 53, both of 406 Second Ave., Hampton. Officers charged Brauner with domestic assault and charged Burger with domestic assault and retaliation for past action.
Shortly before 7 p.m. on Tuesday, CCSO Sgt. David Caldwell, Lt. Michael Bean and Deputy Christian Carrier along with Constable Tim Lyons responded to the home shared by Brauner and Burger on Second Avenue in Hampton.
“Upon my arrival I could hear a male and female screaming at one another in a very hostile manner,” Caldwell said. “I opened the front door to the home and Mr. Bryan Burger was sitting on the couch with a large amount of blood on the seat next to him.”
“I asked what happened and he became hostile toward officers, Caldwell added. “I could see cuts indicating a fight had occurred on Mr. Burger’s hands.”
Due to Burger’s hostile behavior, Caldwell said the man was placed in handcuffs for officer safety while the officers investigated the complaint.
“I spoke to Babette Brauner, who said that her boyfriend had assaulted her and I could see her nose and face bleeding,” Caldwell said. “Ms. Brauner was heavily intoxicated and could not give an accurate statement.”
Officers then spoke to a witness to the fight, named Daniel Casey, who also lives in the residence with Burger and Brauner.
“Mr. Casey said that Ms. Brauner began to strike Mr. Burger during a verbal argument,” Caldwell said. “He said that Mr. Burger then had Ms. Brauner down on the couch and hit her numerous times.”
Caldwell said due to the fact that both Burger and Brauner had suffered injuries and both were intoxicated also intoxicated he placed both of them under arrest.
“While in transport to the Detention Center, Mr. Burger threatened Lt. Bean stating ‘The next time you come to my house I’ll shoot you with a pistol,” Caldwell said. “Once at the Detention Center I asked Mr. Burger his name and he then said ‘I’ll see you when I get out.’”
“For these threats, Mr. Burger is considered to be a threat to law enforcement and is being charged with retaliation,” Caldwell added.
Both Burger and Brauner appeared in Carter County General Sessions Court Wednesday morning where they were arraigned.
Judge Keith Bowers appointed the Public Defender’s Office to represent Burger. Bowers also reduced Burger’s bond to a $1,500 corporate bond and ordered the man to have “no violent contact” with Brauner or with officers.
Bowers appointed attorney Chad Cash to represent Brauner and reduced her bond to a $750 corporate bond.
Both Burger and Brauner are next scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on March 8.

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