Firearm basics class for women set for Saturday

Published 9:48 am Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Local business owner and mom, Tracy Kellerman, said she had pondered getting her concealed carry permit, but did not know anything about a firearm other than what one looks like.
“I wanted to have more knowledge before I actually take the concealed carry permit class,” she said. “I like to be thorough in whatever I’m doing.”
For this reason, she is hosting a firearms basics class for women at her Wild and Wacky Art Studio this Saturday from 2-5 p.m. It is designed to educate about how to handle a firearm, different types, the best place to carry one and above all, how to be mentally prepared to use one.
“The big topic for me is being mentally prepared to use it, because [the class instructor] said, ‘If you are not prepared, you are just carrying around a weapon for somebody else.’”
The class will be taught by a retired Marine who is currently a police trainer and SWAT officer. It is not a concealed carry permit class, but it will cover the basics for women who may feel unfamiliar with or even scared of firearms.
She said some of the mothers who bring their children to her homeschool art class have said they were scared of firearms, or that they have never fired one. “This is class is geared for them,” she said.
Additionally, they will learn about what types of guns are appropriate for specific uses. Kellerman said some women will purchase a gun based on the advice of the salesman and may leave with a gun which is not specific to their needs. She hopes the class will cover this and more, to help women make informed decisions about carrying.
“This is going to be a really thought-provoking, educational class for women who are on the fence about whether it’s something they want to do or not,” said Kellerman.
Afterwards, they may decide to take marksmanship classes or private lessons at a local firing range followed by concealed carry permit class, or they may decide they do not wish to carry. Kellerman said this class is designed to answer questions and make women feel comfortable about a topic with which they may have never been too familiar.
Preregistration is requested but not required by emailing or by calling 423-647-0852. The course is $25 and participants may pay on the day of the class. The studio is located at 312 E. Elk Ave. in a rear outdoor entrance, behind the East Tennessee Ballet Academy.

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