Local families invited to participate in world’s largest simultaneous cloth diaper change

Published 9:24 am Thursday, April 21, 2016

Contributed Photo 36 diapers were changed last year in Elizabethton with thousands of others around the world.

Contributed Photo 36 diapers were changed last year in Elizabethton with thousands of others around the world.

For the third year in a row, the local branch of the Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet will attempt to break the world record with parents across the globe of changing 8,459 babies at the same time.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change of 2016 will take place around the world on April 23, in the same week as Earth Day. Locally, the diaper change will take place at Kiwanis Park at 4 p.m.

President of the Tri-Cities Rebecca Foundation Jilian Reece said parents changed 36 cloth diapers last year and 33 in its first year.

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Popularity of cloth diapers is increasing as parents are becoming aware of the environmental impact of disposable diapers. Reece said it takes more than 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose in a landfill.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change has shown the world in the last five years that cloth diapers are a viable option for modern families.

“Cloth diapers are not what they used to be,” said Reece. “This is not your grandmas plastic pants. There are so many options and diapering systems are now easy to use and easy to take care of even for the busiest of families.”

She said both the environmental and financial benefits are significant.

“You can go from birth to potty training for $200 or less, and then resell those diapers,” Reece said.

That is why she and Krista Bowling, another leader with the local chapter of the Rebecca Foundation, have organized the event for the third year in a row. It is designed to show support for cloth diapers, but also to educate those that are interested in their feasibility, she said.

“We hope this even will bring awareness to the foundation as well as supporting families already using cloth diapers,” Reece said. “If families want to participate or come learn more about cloth diapers, they are welcome to join and we will supply them diapers.”

There will also be a swap and sell area at the event.

The foundation loans cloth diapers for free to families for up to one year in order to promote their usage locally. Families can register at www.clothforall.org.

Reece said anyone who brings a donation to the Rebecca Foundation will get a goodie bag. Lots of vendors will be present with educational resources including the BABE Breastfeeding Coalition, Southern Appalachian Birth Network, Downtown Chiropractic, Project Access and the tobacco programs of the Carter County Health Department. Also, Other Side Dyes will be on site with a $3 tie dye station for diaper inserts.

“We will also have a pocket diaper stuffing contest, an Earth Day craft for kids and in addition to the GCDC, a mini me change where little ones can change their baby doll or stuffed animals,” Reece said.

If they would like to learn the basics of cloth diapers, Reece said they will have a cloth diapers 101 class at Village Pediatrics and Breastfeeding Medicine on May 19 at 11 a.m.

For more information, visit www.GreatClothDiaperChange.com or visit the Facebook page Tricities-The Rebecca Foundation.